David Vizard BBC 525CI 496 Stroker Engine 800hp 729 ft/lbs 87 Pump Gas

David Vizard BBC 525CI 496 Stroker Engine 800hp 729 ft/lbs 87 Pump Gas
Brand: Terry Walters
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David Vizard & Terry Walters Present

 A Stunning BBC 525CI 800hp Pump Gas Engine!

This engine was hand built by the master of tuning, David Vizard.

The engine was then further tuned and dyno'd by Terry Walters

Presenting the next generation of a 496 CI 'A 525 CI BB Chevy'

A 454 +.060 with a 4.5" stroke crank.

This is a street engine that runs on 87 Gas and makes just under 800HP and 729 ft/lbs of torque!

We then added a Plasma Ignition System (circa $500)

Please note that you should not run plasma all the time, but for that fast getaway, or track/strip day fun it delivers 100%

797HP with no loss of Torque!

This engine, originally built in DV’s shop to specifically addresses affordable street performance and comprises all new parts other than the block.

As you might expect this engine is equipped only with top quality parts. 

The Block - This was a casting that was selected by sonic testing.  It is a 4 bolt block w/ ARP main studs. 

The Heads - The cylinder heads are a set of (116 cc chambers) Trick Flow 325 cc port heads

Hand ported by David Vizard.

The Crank - A SCAT forged 4.500 stroke internally balanced unit with forged 4360 Scat rods.

The Pistons - Forged ICON Pistons that deliver 10.6/1 CR with Trick Flow Heads hand ported by David Vizard. 

The Cam Drive - The Cam is driven by an optional Jessel belt drive system that allows instance cam advance/retard changes to be made.

---> If you want the belt drive system it is an optional extra (please contact ius for a price) <---

The Oil Pan - The Moroso Oil pan was selected solely on its ability to make the best when it came to HP and torque.

The Carb - A 1050 cfm Street Dominator style carb built by AED 

The intake - Profiler Sniper Jnr port matched to the trick Flow Heads

The Springs - Only the best PAC springs money can buy 

The Rockers - Only the very best from CRANE.

The Cam - Comp Cams and is ground to a DV spec.

The Rings - Rings are from Total Seal.

The Ignition - MSD. 

The buyer will be given a detailed spec list as we do not publicly advertize all our tuning secrets.

Just so that you know this is a street motor it idles at 480 rpm's, and on the dyno it thunders.

As for throttle response the AED Dominator really delivers!!

This truly is a rare opportunity to own an engine built by one of the accepted masters of engine design.


The buyer of this engine will also receive a personally signed copy of their choice of a DV book, and have the chance to meet the man in person.




The engine is warranted for 12 months or 12000 miles, whichever comes first, and excludes race applications.



Shipping is by road freight in a Crate.

National Zones - $295 4-7 days

Regional Zones - $249 3-5 Days

Local Zones - $195 2-3 Days

Local Pickup is Available

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