COS-Cam Camshaft Big Block Chevy INCLUDES Camshaft

COS-Cam Camshaft Big Block Chevy INCLUDES Camshaft
Brand: Terry Walters
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COS-Cam from David Vizard & Terry Walters

The biggest single advance in camshaft technology since the development of the engine.

COS-CAM is a state-of-art Computer Optimized Spec cam selection program that was decades in the making. Built on input from thousands of dyno tests, F1 technology and some of the finest camshaft engineers across virtually the entire cam industry worldwide.

Finally cam timing/event selection problems are solved with accuracy equal to extended dyno testing with a multitude of cams. But instead of days and spending thousands of dollars optimal cam selection can be done in 15 minutes - or less.

How COS-Cam works.

You simply give us your engine’s spec above by completing all the data we need, which is then subsequently fed into our unique software. From this data COS-Cam precisely determines the intake and exhaust duration, profile intensity, valve lift, opening area, the overlap, lobe centerline angle and advance needed for precisely your engine. (This differs from all other cam sources which only offer their best guess based on experience with generically similar engines).

After having determined what your particular engine needs COS-Cam then searches, in just seconds, through a library of literally thousands of  cams from  all the top cam companies cam catalogs (Comp, Crane, Isky, Howard, Erson, Lunati, Jones, Crower, plus a few cup car cam companies you have never heard of and so on.) to find the nearest cam  or cams to the required spec.  

COS-Cam is 21st century cam tech. The internal combustion engine has been with us since the late 1800’s. Back then the engineers did a little development but for the most part the valve events were a matter of guesswork. Do you really want a cam for your engine build that utilizes a selection method that has advanced minimally in the last 130+ years or would you like to utilize a modern, ultra-effective million dollar cam selection program?

Note on Flat Tappet Cams

Due to aggressive lobes we only offer hydraulic and Solid flat tappet cams that have had the Nitride process.  This makes the cam much harder and has less friction.

Remember to always check piston to valve clearance when installing a new cam.


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