About Terry Walters

Terry Walters is part of IRHA ProStock racing history.  One of the first to join the 200mph+ club, he has been racing and building engines for over 35 years!

Terry is a highly skilled & industry renowned engine builder, with an in-house team of amazing talent.  People send work to him from all over the World, simply because he can do what they want, and his engines are renowned for quality and performance. He's been written about in many top magazine publications, and has worked with David Vizard on several projects, and recently just finished building a 825hp 555 CI 87 octane gas street rod engine for an article Chevy High Performance Magazine.

Terry Walters Precision Engines is based in Star City Roanoke Virginia, and is located in their own purpose built workshop.  They are capable of doing the jobs others simply can’t.  Able to build and tune race engines from street rods to 1600hp race bred power houses, the facility also provides full service for custom and classic cars, including all US antique and vintage models.

Terry Walters shop also has an extensive diesel department, and is specialized in rebuilding and repairing large diesel plant and machinery, as well as the full range of diesel engines in most domestic cars and trucks.  Terry Walters team has been able to save many an engine that others can't.

Amongst the many specilized tools and equipment only found at Terry Waters, there is also a full Superflow Dyno Room which is avaiable to test and tune street and race engines to your exacting requirements.

Whether it's a competition winning full race bred engine, or a rebuild on your workhorse, Terry Waters Precision Engines is your genuine one stop shop.

For a gallery of images of Terry’s cars and racing pursuits visit his Facebook Page, or view his videos on YouTube.